12 05, 2022

Wiki Finance HCMC 2022 EXPO


WikiFX EXPO HCMC 2022 akan berlangsung tidak lama lagi! Kunjungi booth kami dan tahukah anda apa yang lebih baik? Rebutlah peluang untuk bermain 'Wheel of Fortune' untuk memenangi hadiah-hadiah yang menakjubkan! Jangan ketinggalan! Pelbagai tawaran hebat menanti ...

Wiki Finance HCMC 2022 EXPO2022-05-20T09:06:12+00:00
2 05, 2022

May 2022 Holiday Trading Hour


Dear Client, We would like to notify you on the upcoming May 2022 Holiday Trading Hour schedule. These holiday trading hours may impact the usual market hours for some trading instruments. Please refer to UTC time zone for ...

May 2022 Holiday Trading Hour2022-05-08T11:15:43+00:00
27 04, 2022

ThunderX Pay is now available


Valued customer, Lirunex is pleased to announce that we’ve adopted a NEW Payment Gateway that allows you to deposit or withdraw online securely without hassle. Feature of ThunderX Pay: Fast transaction Easy Integration Data security standards ...

ThunderX Pay is now available2022-04-28T04:16:07+00:00
27 04, 2022

Parent’s Day Photo


Only our loved ones can provide the affection and encouragement a person needs to be content - during the good or bad times. In conjunction of Parents Day month, Lirunex is giving you an opportunity to show your ...

Parent’s Day Photo2022-04-28T07:50:50+00:00
27 04, 2022

Trader Fair & Awards


Traders Fair & Awards sedang berlangsung di Manila Sabtu ini! Datang dan kunjungi kami di gerai kami untuk bermain 'Wheel of Fortune" untuk menangi akaun percubaan $500 untuk Lirunex Prop Trading! Selami dunia trading secara PERCUMA! Jangan ...

Trader Fair & Awards2022-05-19T09:21:23+00:00
8 04, 2022

April 2022 Holiday Trading Hour


Dear Client,We would like to notify you on the upcoming February 2022 Holiday Trading Hour schedule. These holiday trading hours may impact the usual market hours for some trading instruments.Please refer to UTC time zone for the following table. ...

April 2022 Holiday Trading Hour2022-04-08T08:29:55+00:00
27 03, 2022

Traders Fair and Awards


Come and visit us at our booth and you know what’s even better? You will get a chance to play fortune spinner – which comprises a lot of amazing prizes! I bet you don’t want to miss this – ...

Traders Fair and Awards2022-04-28T13:51:39+00:00
21 03, 2022

Jadwal Waktu Daylight Savings 2022


Klien yang terhormat, Kami ingin memberi tahu nda tentang jadwal Waktu Daylight Savings yang akan datang untuk tahun 2022. Jam perdagangan ini dapat memengaruhi jam pasar biasa untuk beberapa instrumen perdagangan. Silakan merujuk ke zona waktu untuk tabel berikut. ...

Jadwal Waktu Daylight Savings 20222022-03-22T04:03:34+00:00
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