Message from Lirunex Ltd Management

Lirunex Ltd (hereinafter referred as ‘Lirunex’) has always taken client’s feedbacks seriously in order to promote equitable trading experience for our customers. We have taken same approach in handling recent negative feedbacks posted in WikiFX towards Lirunex.

Lirunex has reacted promptly by reaching out to wiki FX for the contacts of the affected clients so that we can resolve the dissatisfactions experienced by the affected clients. Unfortunately, Lirunex’s team is not able to establish communication with affected clients due to contact details are invalid. Lirunex has taken further steps by escalating to WikiFX to retrieve further information pertaining to the affected clients, however, WikiFX did not accede to our request and instead, Lirunex is offered with paid package from WikiFX for attending to the said disputes.

To clarify further, there have not been any form of customers complains received by Lirunex recently related to the complains/negative feedback posted on WikiFX.

We are also not able to match contact information disclose by WikiFX on the affected clients with our Lirunex customers’ database. Lirunex welcome the affected clients to step forward and get in touch with our team as soon as possible so that we are able to resolve all matters.

Shall the affected clients fail to contact us directly and continue to post negative feedbacks on Lirunex, Lirunex will classify the complains/ negative feedbacks as act of defamation and unfair practice by third-parties in attempts to gain personal benefits. Lirunex will NOT in any form, condone to any unethical acts performed by irresponsible parties through unfair practices to garner immoral advantages. Lirunex Support Team are reachable via various channels stated under contact us.

Best Regards,
Lirunex Ltd Management

Complaints: Unable to withdraw money
Lirunex Explanation:

Like any other brokers, Lirunex Ltd has established a partnership with various Payment Service Providers (PSP) to provide universal payment solutions for the ease of our customers.

To clarify further, PSP would be performing Scheduled from time to time for further enhancements and patching of bugs fixes, or Unscheduled Maintenance in cases of serious flaws found within their system. These actions from PSP will have impact in Lirunex customers Deposit and Withdrawals transactions triggered.

Below stated are possible scenarios that could be experienced by our customers:
i. Delay in transactions performed that have direct impact on funds reflect in target source.
ii. Transactions are not captured by PSP, hence transaction actions are not performed.
We would appreciates for our customers who encountered issue with transactions to redirect or feedback the issue to our Support Team at for further assistance. Our dedicated support team will investigate the issue encountered and provide resolutions and latest updates on the situation.

Complaints: Severe Slippage
Lirunex Explanation:

The main reasons for slippage are Forex market volatility and execution speeds. When a market experiences high volatility it generally means there’s low liquidity and market prices fluctuate very quickly. Where this affects Forex traders is when there’s not enough FX liquidity to fill an order at the requested price. When this happens, the liquidity provider will complete the trade at the next best price.

Another cause for slippage is execution speed. This is how fast your Electronic Communication Network (ECN) can complete your trade at the price you want it to. With market prices changing in fractions of a second, having faster execution times can make a difference, especially on large trades.

It’s important to note that slippage can occur with all types of requested orders including Stop Loss, Take Profit, Buy/Sell Stops and Buy/Sell Limit Orders. As Lirunex Ltd uses market execution, we cannot guarantee such orders.

We operate under Market Execution and for this reason, we are unable to fill a Forex order that no longer exists. If your requested price is no longer available, your order will be filled by our liquidity providers at the going market rate.

Full explanation and examples can be found in Legal Document

Complaints: Malicious Manipulation
Lirunex Explanation:

Lirunex Ltd is a Straight-Through-Processing (STP) broker, hence are strictly forbidden to perform manipulation by regulatory bodies. The claims are deemed false and baseless.

We urged our customers who encountered the issue to our Support Team at for further assistance. Our dedicated support team will further investigate the issue encountered.

Complaints: Unpaid Agents Commissions
Lirunex Explanation:

Lirunex Ltd do offer Introducing Broker (IB) Program for customers who are looking at building career in this path. Commission payouts are carried out periodically according to the agreements between the IB and Lirunex Ltd.

We urged our customers who encountered issues regarding the commissions to respective Account Manager, or Support Team at for further assistance. Our dedicated support team will be in touch with you soon and further investigate the issue encountered.

Ingenuine Complaints in WikiFX

Complaints initiated using bogus accounts. There are no proper contact information that Lirunex could use to get in touch with said affected clients.

Complaints are spammed by same single individual repetitively within short duration. This affected ‘client’ have not been reaching out to Lirunex via official channels.

The images used in complaints are not from Lirunex platforms hence we are not able to justify from it

These complaints are currently classified under False Claims by Lirunex Ltd as the activities are highly suspicious and could be performed by competitors or individuals that aimed to defame the good reputation of Lirunex Ltd to garner immoral benefits for personal or certain
organisation gains.

WikiFX did not accede to our requests to resolve the issue and instead, offered paid package prior to attending to the said disputes. These issues are currently undergoing investigations by Lirunex Ltd legal team and pending resolutions. During this period of time, WikiFX ratings are not recognised by Lirunex to be accurate.

Message from Lirunex Ltd Management

To Our Valued Customers,
We strongly advise clients to conduct their own due diligence as Lirunex Ltd are licensed under one of the most renowned Forex Broker regulators, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and accross countries from other regions.

We have included the lists of our licenses on official regulators website and our certificates for your convenience of verifications.

Best Regards,
Lirunex Ltd Management

Our Licenses and Certificates
Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC)
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Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA)
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Republic Of Maldives – Ministry Of Economic Development (MED)
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