Dapatkan Bonus Trading Hingga $6000!
1 Januari – 31 Maret 2022

Dapatkan Bonus Trading Hingga $6000!

1 Januari – 31 Maret 2022
Cara Klaim
Layak untuk deposit pertama kali
Maks. Bonus Deposit
Min. Menyetorkan
Maks. Leverage
Bagaimana Cara Mengklaim Bonus Deposit Anda?

Buat dan dana Anda
Akun LX-Standard / Islamic Standard / LX-Advanced Trading Account.

Biayai setidaknya $200 ke akun trading anda menggunakan opsi pembayaran yang anda suka.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Isi dan serahkan Formulir Aplikasi.
30% Bonus Trading akan dikreditkan ke Akun Trading anda.

Formulir Aplikasi

    I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions

    Tidak punya akun? Buka Akun Sekarang!

    Tarik Kembali Dana Bonus
    Dapatkan dagangan anda masuk ke akun anda untuk menarik kembali bonus. Anda dapat menarik bonus anda ketika jumlah lot yang dibutuhkan telah diperdagangkan.
    Lot Size Required Ukuran Lot Diperlukan =Jumlah bonus dalam USD

    Lot Size Required=

    Bonus amount in USD
    Jumlah deposit anda$ 200
    30% bonus kami berikan$60
    Bagikan bonus anda dengan 3$60/3
    Jumlah lot untuk diperdagangkan20 lots
    Ukuran Lot












    Ukuran LotBonusSetoran
    Lakukan setoran pertama kali ke
    LX-Standard / Islamic Standard / LX-Advanced
    LX-Standard Islamic StandardLX-Advanced
    Akun dan terima Bonus Deposit hingga $6,000


    • The 30% Deposit Bonus is offered by Limited Limited. (the Company) to its Clients under the following Terms.
    • By applying for the Bonus, the Client acknowledges that he or she has read and agreed to be bound by the Bonus Terms and Conditions as well as the Company Terms and Conditions.
    • The promotional period for this Bonus promotion shall run from 1st January – 31st March 2022.
    • The company has the right to amend, alter or terminate this bonus promotion at its sole discretion, and at any time without notice.
    • Bonus promotion enrollment must be made by submitting the Application Form
    • Clients need to ensure all the information submitted for enrollment are true and correct.
    • Individuals of the legal age of at least 18 years old are eligible to participate in the bonus promotion.
    • The 30% Trading Bonus is applicable for LX-Standard / Islamic Standard / LX-Advanced account type.
    • This promotion is open for both existing and new sign-ups with Lirunex Limited (Traders Room).
    • This promotion is valid ONLY for Lirunex Limited customers with active MT4 accounts on the Lirunex Limited MT4 server.
    • You are entitled to only ONE (1) time bonus disbursement throughout the promotion period.
    • This Bonus is only eligible for first-time deposit with fresh funding to new active MT4 account during the promotional period. Subsequent deposits will not be entitled to the promotion.
    • To withdraw the 30% bonus, you need to complete the required lot sizes within THREE (3) months after submitting the application form.
    • A minimum deposit of USD 200 into an active MT4 account is required to be eligible for enrolment.
    • Credits amount will be transferred to Account Balance upon fulfilment of closed traded Lot Size required. The formula of Lot Size required is shown below:

    Lot Size Required = (Bonus Credits) ÷ 3
    Eg: When a customer deposits $5000, the client shall receive a bonus of $1500. Hence, customers must trade 750 lots to be able to withdraw Bonus.

    • The maximum Leverage allowed to the MT4 account under this promotion is capped at 1:200 and the Stop-Out Level is preset at 100%. All open trades will be automatically closed upon reaching of Stop-Out Level threshold.
    • Bonus Credits will be turned into account Balance upon fulfilled lot size.
    Deposit Bonus Required Lot Size 
    $ 5,000$ 1,500750
    $ 2,500$ 750375
    $ 1,000$ 300150
    $ 500$ 15075
    $ 200$ 6030
    • Applications with false or inaccurate details in the submission of enrolment may not be enrolled into the promotion.
    • MT4 accounts of Managed Funds/Strategy Subscribers are not entitled to this promotion.
    • Participants are not allowed to use the same account to participate in other promotions/contests in LIRUNEX LIMITED.
    • Lirunex Limited reserves the right to revoke and suspend any account with suspicious activities at any time and without further notice.
    • Any internal transfer or withdrawals from the enrolled MT4 accounts in any form will immediately revoke the bonus credits from the promotion.
    • LIRUNEX LIMITED reserves the right not to pay IB any commission for any order that his/her client closes or hedges any order(s) for less than 3 minutes.
    • By submitting the enrollment form to the promotion, you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understand and agreed to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.
    • LIRUNEX LIMITED reserves the right to take any action if any form of abuse or arbitrage is detected during the client’s trading, all the actions stated are transparent and shall inform the client immediately.
    • LIRUNEX LIMITED reserves the right to cancel trader status or trade which found to violate the trading rules or use of inappropriate trading strategies.
    • Scalping is defined as a trade that opens and closes for a short period. Sniping is defined when the client trades when the price got delayed or a situation where “Price hanging or pending” on the LIRUNEX LIMITED platform. Hedging defines when a client trades his/her trading account as opposed to an existing trade that is with a similar trading volume as LIRUNEX LIMITED or with an external company that may abuse the bonus on the account. In such a situation, LIRUNEX LIMITED reserves the right to cancel the trade, profit or loss from the offending trades and disable the accounts.
    • Lirunex Limited is not liable in any way, for any loss due to the trading conditions bound under the Terms and Conditions of this promotion.
    • Lirunex Limited reserves the rights on all matters concerning the promotion. All decisions are final and non-disputable.
    • Lirunex Limited reserves the right to change, modify or amend the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.
    • Lirunex Limited reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time without prior notice.


    Siapa pun yang minat untuk berpartisipasi dan memiliki usia legal di negara mereka.

    Mulai trading dengan setoran pertama kali minimum serendah $200

    Untuk mengklaim bonus, anda perlu membuka dan mendanai ke akun Anda.

    Bonus Deposit akan diberikan dalam waktu 24 Jam selama Hari Kerja langsung ke akun trading dalam bentuk Kredit.

    Ya kamu bisa. Namun, Anda tidak diperbolehkan menggunakan akun yang sama seperti dalam promosi ini. Demikian, anda perlu membuka akun baru untuk berpartisipasi dalam kontes dan promosi Lirunex lainnya.

    Anda hanya dapat menggunakan platform perdagangan MT4. Aplikasi dan versi browser diizinkan.

    Hanya LX-Standard, Islamic Standard dan LX-Advanced Account ayang memenuhi syarat untuk promosi ini. Buat Akun Sekarang!

    Anda dapat menarik kembali bonus setelah menyelesaikan persyaratan ukuran lot, yang dihitung sebagai berikut: kredit bonus/3 lot standar, yaitu untuk mengklaim bonus 30% pada deposit 200 USD, persyaratan ukuran lot adalah 20 lot standar.

    TIDAK, Anda tidak bisa. Penarikan tanpa memenuhi ukuran lot yang disyaratkan akan mengakibatkan pembatalan bonus.

    Semua operasi harus diselesaikan dari sistem pembayaran pemilik akun. Tidak ada pembayaran pihak ketiga yang diterima. Harap, gunakan hanya data pembayaran anda.

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