Fast-Achievers Contest 2021

Contest starts:
10 JAN 2021


Facts traders joined

Fast-Achievers Contest 2021

Contest starts:
10 JAN 2021


Facts traders joined


4 Weeks

Ends on

10 Feb 2021

Announce Winners:

01 Mar 2021




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    400 lots


    270 lots


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    70 lots

    Become Fast-Achievers to win Cash Angpau & Prosperous Prizes!

    Terms and Conditions

    1. This Contest is open for both existing and new sign ups of LX-Standard Account with LIRUNEX LIMITED.
    2. This Contest is open for LIRUNEX LIMITED customers with active MT4 accounts LIRUNEX LIMITED MT4 server.
    3. To enter the Contest, you must register to join via the Contest Entry Form and achieve the trading lot sizes as fast as you can.
    4. By submitting the Contest Entry Form, you are deemed to agree and grant LIRUNEX LIMITED access and/or monitor trading activity of your Contest account, and/or expose your trading records of the Contest Period without your concern.
    5. One (1) Contest account allowed per participant, regardless of the number of accounts held by the participant
    6. Winners will be chosen from the participant who successfully achieved trading lot sizes first within the Contest period. Simply put, the faster you achieve the trading lot sizes, the higher chance you will be the winners.
    7. The Contest offers five levels of trading lot sizes requirements and each level grants prizes for the Top 3 fastest achievers.
    8. It should also be noted that, the level of prizes received by the Winners are decided based on fastest and highest trading lot size achieved of the Contest account.
    9. Winners will be notified by email or call within 3 months from 1 March 2021.
    10. LIRUNEX LIMITED may cancel, stop, or suspend the participant at any time if detect any irregular and potentially malicious trading activity which affects, or has the potential to affect, the safety, integrity, legality or fairness of the Contest.
    11. LIRUNEX LIMITED reserves the right of final decision and participant shall raise no objection.
    12. LIRUNEX LIMITED reserves the right to change, modify, or amend the terms and conditions or cancel any contests at any time without prior notice.