Dear Client,

We would like to notify you on the upcoming November 2021 Holiday Trading Hour schedule. These holiday trading hours may impact the usual market hours for some trading instruments.

Please refer to UTC time zone for the following table.
25-11-2021 Thursday US Thanksgiving
26-11-2021 FridayAfter Thanksgiving

Trading InstrumentsTrading Hours (UTC)
SymbolTypeNovember 25November 26
JPCJPYIndex18:00 Closed18:15 Closed
SPCUSDIndex18:00 Closed18:15 Closed
NACUSDIndex18:00 Closed18:15 Closed
DJCUSDIndex18:00 Closed18:15 Closed
US SHARESSharesClosed18:00 Closed
MetalsMetals17:45 Closed18:30 Closed
USOILEnergies17:45 Closed18:30 Closed
UKOILEnergies17:45 Closed18:30 Closed