Benefits of publishing your strategy

Strategy Providers
Lirunex brokerage platform is a bespoke high technology system, designed to cater for strategy providers and subscribers

EU regulated
Fully regulated environment under Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

Fraud Protection
Safety of your own funds and protection from fraud is our highest priority

Consultation Session
Get one-to-one consultation session from our sales advisors to have an ideal settings best suit your strategy


for total fund size above EUR € 50,000

Customize Your Strategy Structures

To Best Suit Your Strategy Principles

  • Highly customizable system to fit your requirements in order to publish your strategy
  • Allowed to attach EA system

  • Auto-listing of your strategy on our leaderboard which will aid to grow your network (client base)

  • Publish your Strategy with a minimum accumulated fund deposit starting from as low as 5000EUR
  • Bespoke fees structure
  • Allow requests to modify trading condition
  • Strategy Providers can choose from a variety of products
Earn from types of fees best suited your strategy

Performance Fee

Refers to the profit share, allowing you to receive percentage of commission from total profits amount periodically, benchmarked on High-Watermark

Upfront Fee

Upfront Fee
is a one time subscription fee charged when investor subscribed to your strategy

Management Fee

Offers 2 choices of regular monthly fee derived from the sum of invested funds from the subscribed strategy trading account

Fees charged at fix rate from total Balance amount in strategy account

Fees charged based on percentage from total Balance amount in strategy account